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French Affair Expo

I had a vision to create a wonderful celebration that brought together everything French in Brisbane. Brisbane had an Italian Festival, a Greek Festival - why not a French Festival? It would showcase every aspect of French life and culture and provide an opportunity for French lovers to indulge in their passion for a day. So, the French Affair Expo was born.

It was an amazing feeling to see my creation come to life. In July 2009, over 5,000 people came to the Old Museum in Brisbane to enjoy immersing themselves in French culture for a day.
A Message From Lady Jane Edwards - Honorary Consul for France in Queensland
"The people of Brisbane have enjoyed a long and enduring love affair with French culture and the French Affair Expo will be a wonderful excuse to indulge and explore this further."
The Expo will bring together French businesses, French products and the many organisations who promote and support French culture here in Brisbane. It is hoped that this celebration of the French way of life will be enjoyed by French people and Francophiles as well as those interested in partaking in the "joie de vivre" that France is so famous for.
I am delighted to support the French Affair Expo and look forward to the contribution it makes towards enriching and strengthening the ties between France and Australia."
Video of the French Affair Expo 2009 - Filmed and produced by Miramage
French Affair Expo - Play