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Autumn in The Lot






Written by Alison Price

All seasons here in The Lot have their delights, but autumn has its own special magic. After the intense greens of the hot summer, everything has turned to gold and russet. Where we drove through densely shaded tunnels in the country roads, we now drive through a golden world, with sunlight filtering through the trees arching over the roads.

The leaves are like drifts of gold and bronze butterflies, as they gently fall from the trees. The thick roadside edges of bracken are now a gleaming sienna in the afternoon sunshine. Contrasting with these golds are the Sumac trees, now a brilliant red, as are the vines clinging like a red shawl to the old stone buildings and walls.

We see many squirrels busily at work collecting their hoards of nuts for winter, and families of small red deer bound away from the roadsides as one drives by. It is a time of plenty for the sanglier, the wild boar, as there is a veritable feast of acorns and chestnut mast, in our surrounding oak and chestnut forests. This, of course, means it is also the hunting season, with the hunters in their red caps out at weekends especially, and the sound of their hunting horns can be heard in our nearby forests.

The delight for us also, is that it is the season for all kinds of mushrooms, including the delicious porcini. At The Hostellerie at Goujounac, we can enjoy the menu which features an Autumn salad with girolles, chestnuts, red currents and smoked duck. Then there is a delicious main course of roast sanglier with a cassis sauce – just so good to enjoy in this cooling weather.

What a wonderful season!


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