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Carnaval de Paris

Dating back to the middle ages, Carnaval de Paris is one of the oldest and craziest street festivals in the world. From 1952 to 1997 took a break, but has since resurged and is growing bigger every year with tens of thousands of visitors and participants.

The Carnaval is truly one of the city's wildest and most inclusive events. The event brings together local residents, street artists, visual artists and musicians.

One of the highlights is dimanche gras (fat Sunday), when a great parade winds its way across Paris from Place Gambetta to the Hôtel de Ville. The cow at the head of the procession evokes the Promenade du Beouf-Gras, the other name for the Paris Carnival in days gone by. Following behind is a colourful spectacle including large satirical puppets, impromptu musical collaborations, Brazillian percussion groups and a myriad of street and performance artists.

The Paris Carnival is a popular festival which unites people from all walks of life. The 2014 event is to be held on March 2nd and is expected as always to be a wonderful celebration.

Up until 1952 this annual event drew tens of thousands to celebrate the season from the Epiphany of January 6th, which is the traditional Three Kings Day to Lent. The days would be filled with parades of grand costumes and processions, festivities and celebrations marking the holiday time period. It was a time of marriages, feasts, and dances as well as parades and other festivities. As times have changed significantly, there is little room for elongated celebrations in our society thus the early twentieth century brought the end of the two month festivity and ushered in some changes.

Today the Carnival of Paris has converted into a single day's event, packed with a full day of festivities with many excursions into Paris and French culture.


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