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Cities of France - Brest

Brest, France

If you’re looking for a French city that’s not as touristy as Paris but still retains that incredible French charm, Brest could be the place for you. 

This relatively small city is one of France’s most important port entries and has a history that’s completely connected to the sea. Nestled in a beautiful natural harbour, Brest is the host city for the International Festival of the Sea, Boats, and Sailors which is held every four years.  

Be sure to wander along the docks at the Quai Commandant-Malbert. You’ll see hundreds of brightly coloured buoys put in place by Finistere’s Lighthouses and Beacons department, shipyards building wooden boats, the legendary schooner La Recouvrance and the Abeille-Flandres, one of the most powerful tugboats in the world. 

Even though most of the city was destroyed by the Allies during World War II, there are still several great sites to visit, like the incredible Pont de Recouvrance, the Tanguy tower, the ancient Castle and Saint-Malo street.  You might also like to visit Océanopolis, an impressive aquarium where you can get up close and personal with the seals and other sea creatures living there.

 Perhaps the most impressive landmarks are the city’s breathtaking botanical gardens: the Conservatoire botanique national de Brest, and the Jardin botanique de l’Hôpital d’Instruction des Ammées Clermont-Tonnerre. Not only are these gardens absolutely gorgeous, but they also focus on the conservation of endangered species. Enjoy a relaxing stroll through this natural oasis, knowing you’re also supporting an important cause. 

If you’re still not convinced, let us tell you about another amazing thing Brestpromises you: its famous and absolutely mouth-watering crêpes. In the land of crêpes, the Breton crêpe stands out as the original and best. Here, you will have the true crêpe experience of sitting down at a crêperie and accompanying your delicious crêpe with some wonderful Breton apple cider. 

You’ll find Brest in the Finistère département in Brittany in Northwestern France.  Definitely a city not to be missed!