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Cities of France - Lille

Lille, France

Lille, France

Once a booming industrial border town, Lille is now the fourth largest metropolis in France. Lately, this classical city has re-invented itself as a charming cultural hub and now attracts tourists from all over Europe and even the world. Located within a few hours of two major European cities, Lille is a great place to spend a day walking around or a weekend relaxing and enjoying the sites. 

The reason for the recent rise in popularity is that this charming city sits directly on the new route of the high speed Brussels-Paris-London train connection. This makes Lillea convenient location for tourists and business commuters alike. The lack of beauty in the surrounding countryside is more than made up for by the stunning architecture and impressive layout of the city center. While many locals don’t consider Lilleto be a great tourist destination, if you want to get away from the hustle of London or Paris, there is no better place. From castles to cathedrals there are countless things to do when visiting this beautiful French village.

 Lille attracts its visitors by offering a daring art scene, irresistible shopping and boutiques, and a great nightlife scene. Home to a large student population because of the many universities in the area, the city has seen a cultural and social revival which has brought life back to this sleepy town. In the past Lille was a major trading center and today all the historic homes and store fronts are filled with young entrepreneurs and boutique businesses looking to make a start in French businesses. 

Like most historic European towns, the main square in Lille, the Vieille Bourse, is the most popular spot and full of history and culture. There are local restaurants and kitschy boutiques dotting the area and it’s easy to spend an afternoon getting lost among the narrow and winding cobblestone streets. Depending on what aspects of culture you’re into, whether it’s architecture or history, there are a variety of buildings, structures, and museums throughout the city. Many religious buildings such as the Notre Dame de la Treille Cathedral are impressive to visit and offer much more than a simple walk-through to the casual visitor. It’s almost too easy to get carried away admiring all the beauty throughout Lille. 

While not nearly one of the most popular tourist destinations in France, Lille offers a variety of historic and cultural surprises to those who choose to make the trip. Easy to access from Paris and London, Lille is a great option for day-trips or even a weekend getaway. If you’re looking for a classic and historic French town, Lille has the most to offer its visitors.