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Cities of France - Strasbourg

A vibrant, new city with an old world soul, Strasbourg should be on your itinerary for your next visit to France.

Located in the region of Alsace in north eastern France, on the banks of the ancient Rhine, Strasbourg is noted for its rich history as well as eye catching scenery. Well known for the sandstone Gothic Cathedral with ancient astronomical clock, the beautiful backdrop of the medieval city skyline enchants every visitor. The black and white timber framed Rhineland structures which line the streets are reminiscent of Snow White.

Strasbourg's most historic neighborhood, Le Petite France, will take your breath away as you are transported back in time .. walking on cobblestone roads, shopping in medieval stores and dining in ancient stone restaurants. The city has many medieval bridges, roads, churches and more to enchant you.

Often a holiday is enhanced by the enjoyment of the local wine, beer, and cuisine. Strasbourg, which has benefited from the fusing of two cultures, boasts some of the best and friendliest food and drinking experiences in all of Europe. There are over 200 different wines and beers, unique to this area because of the joint influences of both Germany and France.

Blessed with the tradition of yesterday and the modern technology of today makes Strasbourg perfect for the seat of the European Union. Home to numerous international organizations, Strasbourg is known as the unofficial capital of Europe. Here you will discover the European Parliament, the European Court of Human Rights, the Council of Europe, the Ombudsman's Office of the European Union and many other offices of international importance.

With its blend of Franco-German culture, the city of Strasbourg will grace you with her old world charm, modern and diverse culture, and international sophistication.