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Eleven French learning tips!

 Learn French

How to stay motivated when learning French

There’s no doubt about it, learning French can be tough. It takes time and effort and you won’t be fluent overnight! The thing is to stick at it, just a few hours every week and before long you’ll be parlant français comme un Français (speaking French like a Frenchman).Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Learning French Hints

1) Repeat after me: Repetition is the key to learning language. Make lists of words and stick them to the fridge, put post-it notes around the house and say the word every time you see one. Play language CDs in the car or when jogging, and repeat the words again and again. Sooner or later they’re bound to sink in!

2) Watch video clips: Build up your French speaking confidence by listening to audio and video clips again and again. Try imitating them out loud. The more you do, the more comfortable you’ll become with the sound of the French language.

3) Find a friend: Finding a French learning partner could be the key to staying motivated. When you’re having a tough week they can lift you up, and vice versa! Perhaps have a French session once a week in your favourite French café, or over a bottle of delicious French wine.

4) Improve your accent: Listen to French speakers on the TV and radio (try SBS French or Trampoline 885FM). Just having it on in the background while you make dinner or do housework will get your ear attuned to the French accent.

5) Focus on the positive: Everyone makes mistakes when learning a language, but it’s all about having a go. When you visit a French-speaking country, the natives will just be delighted that you’re making the effort to speak French (rather than shouting at them in English). They’ll make allowances if you say ‘la’ instead of ‘le!’

6) Don’t be frightened by grammar: Don’t focus too much on grammar rules. A very basic understanding of the rules of grammar will allow you to create your own sentences without having to rely on set phrases. But again, don’t worry about mistakes. If you get the verb in the wrong place it’s likely you’ll still be understood.

7) Listen to French music: Listening to French music is a great way to pick up vocabulary and snippets of French vernacular. Check out YouTube for some fabulous French tunes and then Google the song title to find the English translation of the song. Read the lyrics in English while you listen in French and you’ll be surprised how much you pick up.

8) Check your progress: You may sometimes underestimate the amount of progress you’ve made. Every now and again go back to one of your early exercises and remind yourself just how much you’ve learnt. There are also some great quizzes and assessments on the BBC French website.

9) Visit a French restaurant: There are heaps of French restaurants, bars and cafes in Australia. So why not visit one and explain that you are learning French. If they speak to you (slowly) in simple French, you can learn while you enjoy some delicious food.

10) Visit a French-speaking country: Okay so a trip to Europe might not be affordable, but a trip to another French-speaking country might be more within reach. How about Vanuatu or Vietnam?

11) Think of the benefits: Learning another language (especially French) can be a real pleasure. It breaks down barriers to other cultures, expands your horizons and can make that trip overseas so much more enjoyable. Plus speaking French is pretty sexy right?

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