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Five Frivolous Facts about Paris




Paris is a fascinating city and there’s always so much more to learn.  How many trees are there in Paris? How many streets?  Why can’t you drive down the shortest street in Paris? 

Here are the numbers behind these fascinating facts:


1.   Every single tree in Paris is referenced and measured .. and there are 470,000 of them.


2.   If you visited a different open terrace café in Paris every day, it would take 30 years to visit them all as there were 9,057 of them – last time they were counted.


3.   You’ve heard stories about how crazy the traffic is in Paris. Perhaps it’s because there is only ONE stop sign in the whole of the city.  Want to go looking for it?  It’s in the 16th arrondissement.


4.   I love wandering along the streets of Paris and I'm sure I have blisfully walked along hundreds of them.  But how many streets are there in the city of light?  The answer is 6,100.  Seems like I have a few more to explore to cover them all!


5.   The shortest street in Paris is only 5.75m long.  It’s Rue des Degrés in the 2nd arrondissement – but don’t try to drive down it as it’s now a set of stairs rather than a street.


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