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Four Fascinating Parisian Museums

Musee du Parfum


Musée de la Poupée


Musée de la Contrefaçon


Musée des Vampires

So you've seen the Louvre, Musée d'Orsay, Musée Rodin and even ventured into the Catacombes de Paris.  If you're looking for something much more unusual and off the beaten track, here are four fascinating suggestions. 


Musée du Parfum

 9 rue Scribe, 75009 Paris - 9th arrondissement

The Musée du Parfum, also known as the Fragonard Musée du Parfum, is a private museum of perfume. The museum was created in 1983 by the Fragonard perfume company within a Napoleon III town-house built in 1860.

Wander through the rooms of period furnishings to see the perfume exhibits, including antique perfume bottles, containers, toiletry sets and stills for steam distillation of perfume extracts.

Displays show how perfumes are made today, and present the history of perfume manufacturing and packaging. Of particular interest is an orgue à parfum - a perfume organ - with tiers of ingredient bottles arranged around a balance used to mix fragrances.


Musée de la Poupée

Impasse Berthaud, Paris, 75003 - 3rd arronidissement

Hidden in a quiet alley in the very crowded Marais district, this little museum, looks like a dollhouse itself. 

The museum was established in 1994, and now contains a permanent collection of more than 500 French dolls. Dolls are arranged chronologically from about 1800 to the present, and feature dolls of all shapes, sizes and materials.  

Exhibits are displayed with scale-model furniture, accessories, and toys from the appropriate periods. One room focuses on doll-making and the materials used in dolls. The museum also presents temporary exhibits and lectures.


Musée de la Contrefaçon 

16 rue de la Faisanderie , Paris, 75116 - 16th arrondissement

Established by the Union of Manufacturers, the Counterfeit Museum is devoted to the sometimes astoundingly good knock-offs that permeate our culture.   

It currently exhibits more than 350 items, with the authentic original placed next to each counterfeit. A wide variety of items are displayed, including toys, pens, clothes, tools, toiletries, luxury goods, etc.

In the museum, which was intended to be a weapon in the battle against counterfeiting, you can compare the real and fake Swiss Army Knives, Veuve Cliquot bottles and Rodin bronzes, among other products.  Can you guess which is the authentic version?


Musée des Vampires

14 rue Jules David, Paris, 93260, 

This unique story started many years ago when Jacques Sirgent, an eccentric but highly knowledgeable scholar and specialist of the macabre, opened “The Museum of Vampires and Legendary Creatures” as a visual manifestation of his dedicated research on vampirism, esoterism and occidental folkore.

A lifetime of collecting, translating rare texts, and gathering syncretic information on demonology and the dogmas that generated them made Sirgent a fascinating storyteller who will patiently explain to his visitors the tales of the mysterious relics that his curiosity cabinet contains.

Visits to this macarbe private collection are by appoitment only, so make sure you arrange your visit beforehand.


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