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French Sayings with "un coup"

un coup à la porte
a knock on the door


un coup de pouce
helping hand, a nudge in the right direction


avoir le coup de foudre
to fall in love at first sight


rire un bon coup
to have a good laugh

The literal translation for the French word, un coup is usually a "shock" or "blow". However, it's one of those wonderfully versatile words that pops up in many expressions and phrases often with completely different meanings. It might mean sunburn, falling in love, a practical joke or .. well .. read on. Ça vaut le coup.

un coup de chance OR un coup de pot OR un coup de veine
stroke of luck

un coup du ciel
manna from heaven

un coup de coeur
intense but fleeting interest or passion

un coup de destin OR un coup du sort
blow dealt by fate

un coup d'épée dans l'eau
a complete waste of time

un coup de fil
phone call

un coup de main
helping hand, assistance

un coup de poing

un coup de pompe

un coup de soleil

un coup dur
tough blow, something difficult to accept

un coup en traître
stab in the back

un coup pour rien
a waste of time

un mauvais coup 
dirty trick, mean trick, nasty blow

attraper le coup
to get the knack

avoir le coup
to have the knack

avoir un coup dans le nez
to be drunk, to have had one too many

être aux cent coups
to be frantic, to not know which way to turn

être sur un coup
to be up to something

faire d'une pierre deux coups
to kill two birds with one stone

faire le coup d'être malade
to pretend to be sick

faire les quatre cents coups
to sow one's wild oats, get in trouble, lead a wild life

faire un coup de vache OR faire un mauvais coup à quelqu'un
to play a mean ordirty trick on someone

manquer le coup
to fail completely, botch it

tenir le coup
to hold out, resist

tenter le coup
to have a go, try one's luck

Ça vaut le coup
It's worth it.

Ça vaut le coup d''il.
It's worth seeing.

C'est bien un coup à lui.
That's just like him (to do that).

C'est le coup de barre ici.
You pay through the nose here.

C'est un coup à se dégoûter !
It's enough to make you sick!

Je me donnerais des coups !
I could kick myself!

à chaque / tout coup
every time

à coup sûr

à tous les coups
every time

après coup

au coup par coup
on an ad hoc basis

coup sur coup
one after another

du même coup
at the same time, all the same

du premier coup
right away, right off the bat

tout à coup
all of a sudden

tout d'un coup
all at once


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