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Gouffre de Padirac



Located just 8 kms from Rocamadour, the Gouffre de Padirac is France's most frequently visited chasm and one of the most fascinating in Europe.

Formed from the collapse of a cave, the first thing you see on arrival at Padirac is a large crater measuring 35m wide and 103m deep.  This huge hole is impressive, but doesn't prepare you for the breath taking delights that are in store.


Goffre de Padirc


Descend into the cavern to discover an underground river and a stunning succession of galleries.  The river plays hide-and-seek through a labyrinth of cavities decorated with strange rock forms like mushrooms or lace.

You'll love the Rain Lake with its translucent waters and the Grande Pendeloque, a giant 60m high stalactite seemingly suspended on a chain.

However, the most spectacular sight is still to come.  After a short walk, the Salle du Grand Dome rises 94m above you. This cavern possesses a multitude of crystalline formations fashioned by nature over millions of years and would dwarf many cathedrals.

During your visit, you will cover more than 2km on foot and by boat along the underground river over 100m below ground.  At that depth, the temperature is a constant 13 degrees, all year round.  Best to wear good walking shoes and take a warm jacket with you!

This amazing natural wonder, discovered in 1889 is like nature's own Baroque sculpture gallery and we're lucky that it is now open for tourists to explore.


Goffre de Padirac


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