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Joyeux Noel

Joyeux Noel

In France, Christmas is Noël from the French phrase "les bonnes nouvelles" meaning "the good news" which is a reference to the gospel.

Here are some other phrases to help you get through the festive season in French ..

  • Merry Christmas: Joyeux Noël
  • Christmas Eve: La veille de Noël
  • Christmas Day: Le jour de Noël
  • Midnight mass:  La Messe de Minuit
  • Santa is coming: Le Père Noël va passer
  • Bring joy & happiness: Apporte joie et bonheur
  • What do you want for Christmas?  Tu veux quoi pour Noël?
  • Christmas present: Un cadeau de Noël
  • Christmas card:  La carte de Noël
  • Christmas stocking:  Une chaussette de Noël
  • Best wishes: Meilleurs vœoeux!
  • Christmas stocking: Un soulier de Noël (literally a Christmas shoe)
  • Fairy lights:  Une guirlande électrique (or ‘lumineuse’)
  • Good health: Bonne santé
  • What are you doing for the holidays:  Tu fais quoi pour les fêtes?
  • A hangover:  Gueule de bois - Literally a wooden mouth which is sometimes that rough, dry feeling you get after a big night out!
  • A new year's gift of money to someone like the mailman or cleaner:  Les étrennes
  • Happy New Year: Bonne année


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