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La Braderie de Lille


  Braderie de Lille



Written by Amélia Wallaert


La Braderie of Lille is the biggest and most famous flea market in Europe. Every year, almost three million visitors of all nationalities stride along the streets of Lille hunting for bargains.

On the first weekend of September, people from all around France, from Belgium and further afield come to Lille in the north of France to be part of this big event.

For two days and two nights, the city is buzzing:

100 km of stands, 10 000 vendors for 33 hours non stop!


The flea market has a long history as it started in the XII century where the valets were able to sell the belongings and clothing of their masters once a year.  

Nowadays, this amazing event gives you the chance to pick up the best deals and bargains: a huge array of antiques, second-hand products, books, furniture, decor items and toys.  

The sellers bring real treasures from their attics and even the high end shops in the old city (“Le vieux Lille”) sell their older collections at discount prices.

The game is to find the hidden gem .. or the “perle rare” as French people would say.

During the weekend, discover the well-known “moules – frites” (Mussels and French fries), which are sold by dozens of tons. For lovers of gastronomy, this is a great spectacle. A contest between restaurants is held to see which one can build the highest pile of empty mussel shells outside their doors.

Visit La Grande Braderie de Lille on this incredible weekend to immerse yourself in the typical atmosphere of Northern France which reflects the city itself: warm, friendly and lively.



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