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La Pomme D'Orange Festival

Brittany's La Pomme d'Orange festival takes place in the little town of Peillac and offers visitors a memorable experience of one of the region's most popular seasonal traditions.

The name La Pomme d'Orange originates from the old Christmas tradition of filling stockings with oranges or black coal. Oranges are for people who had been well behaved in the past year and the quantity of coal received would indicate how badly that person had behaved. To carry on with this tradition, the Mayor gives away a ton of oranges to the 1,700 inhabitants of the town.

The festivities start in early December and go until late January, the beginning of the Epiphany celebration, where every French household eats a Galette des Rois. Peillac's fair finishes with the town enjoying a 300-slice galette cooked by the town bakers.

This almond tart is baked with fève or small figurines stuffed in the filling. If you’re lucky enough to find a fève in your slice of tart, you’re crowned King or Queen of your family for a year. You’ll also have the honour of wearing a paper crown for the day and can drop the fève into your chosen partner's glass.

The main focus of La Pomme d'Orange is on children and storytelling, with fairy stories and Christmas stories read and performed in the street to an accompaniment of local music.

Peillac is situated 12km from Redon and 25km from the town of Yannes in Brittany.


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