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Le Moulin Jaune

Le Moulin JauneLe Moulin Jaune

Le Moulin Jaune

lf the well-worn paths to tourist traps are not your style, then this hidden gem might be just what you're searching for.  Just an hour east of Paris is the magical wonderland of Le Moulin Jaune.  

This is the French residence of Slava Polunin, “avant-garde performance artist” and “the world’s supreme clown”. He grew up in Communist Russia, revolutionised the art of clowning, moving it out of the circus and onto the stage, winning international awards for his highly successful tour, Snowshow. 

Since 2010, Slava, his family and his talented “Academy of Fools” who followed him from Russia and beyond, have hosted the public at his Dali-meets-Disney wonderland, constantly swarming with intense creative activity and busily defying reality.  The eccentric Slava
 dreams up ideas for his gardens, shows and festivals while lying on an antique hospital bed that floats along the Marne river through his property

Le Moulin Jaune is a playground for the imagination.  Explore five kaleidoscopic gardens each with their own theme and a stunning vareity of seasonal plants and flowers.  
Marvel at large scale sculptures and small delights, walls to walk through, flower beds to sleep in, a giant egg house for chickens, a river that flows backwards, galaxies and giants living in trees, keys to nowhere, fairy tale bedrooms, a gypsy caravan paradise, floating singing moons, horses with pink wings and a temple brought from Korea by Buddhist monks.
Then .. take a moment to catch your breath in the cafe that looks like a capsized ship. There are hundreds of wonders to admire at this unique park.

Le Moulin Jaune regularly hosts events, workshops, and parties for people of all ages.  Le Moulin Jaune is open during the summer, and closes for the colder months. Tickets often sell out, so you need to check their website for details of their upcoming open days.

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