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Secret Eiffel Tower Apartment

Secret Eiffel Tower Apartment


Secret Eiffel Tower Apartment

Could this be the most exclusive apartment in Paris?  When Gustave Eiffel designed the Eiffel Tower, he secretly included a private apartment for himself.

Located on the third level, over 300m above Champ du Mars, the cozy apartment had remained off limits for years, but it is now on display for visitors to peer into. 

In contrast to the steely industrial girders of the rest of the tower, the apartment was reported to be, "furnished in the simple style dear to scientists." The small room was filled with wooden furniture, colorful patterned wallpaper, and even a grand piano. The apartment also held a small laboratory area, which the designer outfitted with the time's most high-tech scientific equipment. 

Once word got out about Eiffel's cozy little nest in the sky, Parisian high society became very jealous. Eiffel is said to have received a number of outrageously high offers to rent out the space even for one night. He declined them all, preferring to use the space for quiet reflection, and to entertain prestigious guests such as Thomas Edison. 

If you go to visit today, you'll see that much of the furnishings remain the same and there are a couple of mannequins of Eiffel and Edison to complete the picture. Perhaps Eiffel's secret apartment could inspire as much jealousy today as it did when it was built. 

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