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Smelliest Cheese in the World



French cheese 

There are over 1,000 different cheeses produced in France, from mild to seriously strong.  However, there is one fromage that regularly beats out some serious competition to be judged the world’s smelliest cheese.  

Was it the stinky E╠üpoisses that smells so bad it’s banned from French public transport?  Perhaps the Brie de Meaux which was first created by monks in the Middle Ages?  What about Munster from the Alsace region which has a smell that’s been described as “post-workout underarm”?

All worthy contenders for the honour of being the world’s most stinky cheese, but after extensive tests by Cranfield University, the coveted trophy goes to Vieux-Boulogne, an unpasteurized, unpressed cow's-milk cheese made in the Pas-de-Calais department. 

The cattle who produce the milk for this famous cheese graze on pastures near Boulogne-sur-Mer, in the north of France, not far from the coast, so there is a faint quality of iodine and salty herbaceous notes in the milk. 

The foul odour is created by soaking the bright orange rind in local Saint-Leonard beer for up to nine weeks.  The interaction of bacteria in the brew with the cow’s milk enzymes of the ‘skin’ eventually releases its tell-tale whiffs. 

Its distinctive smell has been described as “a perfect storm of body odour mixed with dung”.  Mmm .. Yum!  A more cultured description would be: “An earthy farmyard aroma of wild mushrooms with savoury undertones of sautéed onion”.  Surprisingly, the powerful aroma comes from the rind and not the creamy interior .. hidden under the stinky rind is a smooth and pleasantly mellow cheese. Give it a try! 


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