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Table Runner - French Linen 250cm

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100% authentic French linen table runner.

250cm x 45cm

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250cm x 45cm - French linen table runner.  

Stylish and elegant, this natural linen table runner is seamless on each side and simply hemmed at each end.

Linen is the oldest fabric in the world, dating back to Egyptian times.  The pharohs were clothed in linen and at the time of the Romans, linen moved into the home where it has remained ever since.

Perfectly mixing tradition with modern life, linen combines durability with softness, only getting better with time and use. Linen is a completely natural product - renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. The culture of linen is the most ecological in the world with European linen producers, especially the French, constantly searching for more environmetally friendly ways to create this beautiful fabric. 

Since the middle ages, the city of Armentières in Northern France, has been known as the cité de la toile (city of the fabric). It is here that this linen fabric has been produced.  The company have been weaving linen for more than a century allowing the families of France to fill their armoires with linens to last a lifetime.

Please be aware that while every attempt has been made to be as accurate as possible, the colours in photos are sometimes slightly different to the tablecloth, so slight colour variations may occur. 

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