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Market Basket - Long single strap handle

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Entirely hand made in Morocco, the perfect basket for the beach or the markets.

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The perfect basket for the markets or the beach.  Handmade from sustainably sourced date palm leaf and leather.

A single strap of 120cm which is the perfect length to put over your shoulder.  The basket has a strong woven rim and base for extra strength. It is a small sized basket, approx 28cm high, 45cms in length at the opening and 25cm at the length of the base. It is handmade from sustainably harvested date palm and leather.

How are they made?  These classic baskets are woven from a sustainably harvested date palm leaf that grows naturally in the Atlas Mountain not far from Fez in Morocco. The palm leaf is harvested in July, dried for a short time and then the weaving begins. The palm leaf is distributed to a large network of households where the basic style baskets are hand made. It takes a day and half to weave a classic basket.

As the baskets are all handmade, they can vary in size, colour and shape. Each weaver is subtly different (much like hand writing) which makes each basket unique and individual. The leather is tanned using traditional methods so it may have variations in colour.

Once the baskets have been woven, they are collected and taken to the depots.  To create different designs, embellishments are added including leather handles, bling, stars and more.

Are they strong?  The palm leaf as a fibre is naturally strong and quite elastic which is why it is used to weave baskets and other items. The Moroccans and French have used these baskets for many generations to carry their shopping. They can usually carry more than you can comfortably carry .. so you will probably give up before the bag does.

Can they get wet? Yes they can, in fact from time to time it's good for the basket to become damp or wet. As a natural fibre they can dry out over time and crack. Using them for your beach bag or the washing is a great way to rehumidify the palm leaf for a longer life.

What do I do if my basket gets dirty? The baskets wash quite easily. Mix up some warm water with a gentle soap and gently scrub with a soft brush.
Air dry immediately in the sun if possible. Good as new.