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French Linen - Spring Flowers - 225 x 140cm

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100% authentic French linen table cloth to suit six seater table.

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100% French linen tablecloth.  Created in an artisan workshop in the south of France.  

If you appreciate quality and style, you will love this elegant linen tablecloth.  Make every meal a special occassion with this beautiful tablecloth.

225 x 140 cm - Suits a rectangle or oval table to seat six people.


Help!  How To Fix a Stain

If the red wine splashes or the tomato sauce drips onto your lovely linen tablecloth, no need to panic.  Immediately saturate the stain with either laundry stain remover or soda water.  Do not rub the stain - just let the liquid soak in.  Let it sit while you finish your dinner party.  Then wash as usual.  

How to Care For Your Linen Tablecloth

Linen is made from flax, a natural fibre that can absorb a lot of water. It is prone to heavy creasing in the wash, but if you give items a lot of space to move around in the drum, you’ll have much fewer creases. For best results, wash on it's own - definitely not in a machine full with lots of other items. 

Select a gentle machine wash on a moderate to cool setting up to about 40° C.  Use a gentle detergent without bleach.  

When the cycle is finished, immediately remove the tablecloth from the machine to avoid any extra creasing from sitting damp in the drum.

Drying on the line is best, but if required linen can be tumbled dried at low temperatures. Do not overload the dryer and to avoid creasing, remove as soon as it has finished drying.

You don't need to iron your tablecloth, but if you want it to be completely wrinkle free, it's best to iron it while it's still slightly damp.  Use a medium to low setting.  


Please be aware that while every attempt has been made to be as accurate as possible, the colours in photos are sometimes slightly different to the tablecloth, so slight colour variations may occur. 

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